Bird Pram Chain Baby
Bird Pram Chain Baby

Bird Pram Chain Baby

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No PVCs Cleaning Tips: Please use a hot towel to wipe before use. Do not wash with water.

Material: Wood

Material safety: for the safety of your baby, our pram chain is made of 100% safe materials and contains no BPA. This is an excellent pram chain for boys and girls

The practicality of the product: the length of our pram chain is suitable for the use of pram. The chain is not too loose or too tight and can be used flexibly. The animal shape pram toy is novel and unique, and the size is also practical for the baby's daily grip. The clip is made of wood and stainless steel, which has a strong grip and does not rust. This is a good wooden pram chain and a pram toy

Multi-use scenarios: the color of this wooden pram chain is very soft, delicate and natural. You can easily clip the pram chain on the pram, cot and playpen. The baby can easily grab the toys on the chain, which promotes the growth and development of the baby, attracts the baby's attention and stimulates the perception of the outside world through the baby. It is a pram chain for boys and girls